sugar art the sugar art shop of Johannesburg South Africa including cake decorations, Magda is a talented sugar art artist and cake decorator in Johannesburg South Africa. Magda produces sugar art and cake decorations for all festive occasion Easter, Christmas, Fathers day, Mothers day, Valentines day and just to tell your loved ones that you care.

Sugar sculpture is the art of producing artistic center pieces and cake decorations entirely composed of sugar and sugar derivatives. There are many competitions that include sugar sculpture for cake decorating, and popular television networks, such as Food Network, televise many of these events.

Gifts for loved ones, home industry products, sugar art lovers, Valentines gifts, Cake decorations, christening cake decorations, cake decorating.

Sugar art and cake decorating by Magda, sugar art Johannesburg South Africa and cake decorating in Johannesburg South Africa.

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					<span style='margin-left:0px; margin-top:10px;'>On mobile devices use your finger to page-thru my catalog. Tap onto catalog pictures to expose descriptions and available options. Use your mouse to hover and click onto catalog pictures.</span><br>
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					Hi my name is Magda and I am a Sugar Artist. I make cake decorations for wedding cakes specializing in flowers and some other occasions. For Easter holidays I make some hand crafted chocolate Easter eggs that are very artful. These Easter eggs are given as presents to family and other loved ones. For children's cakes I make cartoon characters that will make them smile. You will find my work on display within my on-line catalog. Please feel free to browse around and have some fun.
					Contact me using the <span style='color:yellow;'>About menu</span>
					For all those entering my web page; I really appreciate your coming to visit.
					Kindess regards from 
					This web page has been created by <a href=''></a><br><br>

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